Initial Discussion Starting Point by Eric Pingle: 03/18/11 11:39 AM>
I know of one district that is toying with the idea of the "higher ed" model the district supplies the infrastructure (access to the networks and server space and pipe to the outside world), staff machines, and the labs... the families/students supply the equipment. The families will need to supply software and ensure the student has the ability to save a file in the respective file formats for grading. Otherwise, the families and students send whatever they want to the school. Schools should find a way to help families that cannot afford the equipment such as a multi year loan agreement and or a rental agreement. In the infrastructure, it would be wireless, I would encourage multiple vlans singled out for grades/groups/etc. I'd also look for strong AV for the servers and monitoring the network. Other than that, cut out the huge $$ and old machines that the school is putting into refreshes.

Comments by James O'Hagan, March 2011:
We have an entire class of iPads owned by the students. It has been wonderful. It's grades 2-3 and the parents gave the teacher full rights to download whatever software she feels they need at the parents' expense. It has been awesome.

Comments by: Brian M. Engle, Executive Director of Educational Technology, Glenview School District #34, Glenview, Illinois 60026, Office Phone (847) 486-7855 March 2011
We currently provide students with an opportunity to bring devices into school on a case by case basis (we have a lot of these cases :) We are however looking to more systematize this process, providing each and every student an opportunity to bring in, utilize their device (appropriately), and log into the guest network throughout the instructional process.

Comments by Keith A. Bockwoldt, Director of Technology Services, Township High School District 214,, Phone: 847.718.7671 March 2011
D214 is grappling with this, too. It is apparent "the devices" are using a lot of bandwidth. The AUP covers the appropriate use of the Network and we don't have a letter that is sent home. Next week we are going to add a rate-limit to the Guest wireless network to monitor and trim down some of the bandwidth saturation from "the devices". The supervisors are speaking with teachers to determine which devices students are using in the classroom. If it becomes apparent there are class sets being used , say, an iPod touch, we would then add them into the 214 secured wireless Network. I don't believe we have full class sets using BYOD yet

Comments by Thimm, Marcus <> March 2011
At D225 we also allow our students to use mobile devices on the network. The guest network is also rate limited per user. We have not seen an issue with the aggregate bandwidth consumed by personal devices on our WiFi network. Our systems do allow us granular controls over the bandwidth per connection. Students often use their smart phone devices which often employ their own 3G services instead of the WiFi network- that is another consideration. We have a AUP in place that focuses on the appropriate use of technology in the schools without discerning who owns the device.